[ONE FOR ALL]   Your Best Solution Partner

Kannetsu Thermal ENG. CO., LTD. has been engaged in the manufacturing industry over 30 years as a “specialty company to create clean water and air” offering the mold cooling and temperature control machines and systems.

Always looking at the next generation, we have been innovating our technologies under the theme of “Clean Air & Water, Save Energy, and Think Nature”, accumulating experience and know-how of our products, systems, equipment and services, and delivering full satisfaction to both domestic and overseas customers.

Our slogan is “One for All” (Kannetsu for all of you). “One” is presented as “Kannetsu” uniting all employees for various projects and having clear visions, we take actions for “All” customers in “All” business fields so that we can be your assistance as “The best solution partner”.

We quickly catch the needs of our customers and develop business activities speedily and powerfully with our advanced know-how and sincerity to optimize the manufacturing plants and create values for our customers.

Our customers are requesting the higher level of technologies to improve the working environment in their factories and offices. Sharing the common eyes with customers, we continue developing technologies for new business fields and present the reliable relationship with our customers to be a best friend.

“One for All” is our business mind, and we are firmly determined to cut our way of customer satisfaction toward the future. Keeping the “One for All” in mind, we, Kannetsu will all strive as one to bring success to our customers as a best solution partner.

Tsutomu Araki,
Kannetsu Thermal Eng. Co., Ltd.
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